We are not institutionalised and activities are tailor made to suit every individual member’s needs and aspirations. At VIP Day Centre, we promote health and well being to improve your quality of life and delay further deterioration of your physical and mental health. Our centres provide a range of activities to ensure you have a positive and fulfilling experience. By meeting others and creating friendships, you can help to reduce social isolation and feel part of the community again.

Person centred day activities

We firmly believe anyone can do any activity they wish, as long as the right support, right environment and right adaptations are in place.

We have an extensive list of activities and games with prizes on offer including numerous board games, various quizzes, lots of 2 player games, many active games to promote mobility, different arts and crafts, cooking sessions, beauty therapy, gardening, reminiscence sessions, sensory and memory games. We have gentle exercise classes, performances from singers, choirs, musicians, informative talks, puppet shows and plays.

We celebrate all our members birthdays with cakes, cards, presents and birthday games. We have a fair day and sports day once a year. we celebrate all religious and non-religious celebrations including Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Please note we cater for all religions. We also like to support all charity events.

Remember you can do anything you wish. Just let us know what you would like to do.

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