After becoming aware of how expensive and inadequate dementia care facilities can be, trained dementia specialist Natalie Allcock realised that there was an urgent need for a new approach. To provide high quality care at a reasonable cost, Natalie launched VIP Day Centre in Worcestershire. People with dementia are given individual care with specialists brought in when needed. That was five years ago and today the company has two care centres and Natalie is looking to franchise the business. Congratulations to VIP Daycare Centre for improving standards of care and providing urgently needed dementia care services.

The chairman of the judges

I was delighted to read in the Redditch Advertiser that your day centre had been named winner of the best Innovation category in the 2020 Best Business Awards.

You and your staff provide an invaluable service to the community and I know from personal experience how a diagnosis of dementia can be life changing to the sufferer and their families. Well done on the very well deserved recognition and good luck too in your franchising venture.

Rachel Maclean MP

What an amazing team. After a disastrous experience mum had in respite …. the team at VIP have opened my eyes to what true caring, respect and understanding is for members with dementia. Thank you for welcoming my nervous mum into your care. She had a great day and you have my overwhelming support and respect for the service you provide. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mrs B

This centre has changed my parents lives. They love coming here. Mum said she feels so looked after and doesn’t want to come home, and my dad says he has so much fun joining in with the activities. The staff do an amazing job and I can wholeheartedly say that this centre is exactly what my parents need: social interaction, activities, kind staff and a really well organised team. Thank you for everything you do.


I really enjoy attending the centre as they are very kind, passionate, loving and extremely helpful. Everyone is very patient, I love going. VIP Day Centre is better than sliced bread!

Mrs T

The VIP Day Centre is a lifeline to P’s family. We wouldn’t manage without it. P is happy to come and is treated with dignity and respect. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Mrs B

I would like to take this time to thank the staff at VIP Day Centre. My husband has been visiting them twice a week since March 2018 upon release from hospital. Initially he was reluctant to attend but was made to feel at home and quickly got involved in the activities. His mental health and well being has improved which we feel is due to his 2 days with the staff at the day centre. Thank you to everyone involved with this service, it is much appreciated.

Mrs H

I am the regular podiatrist at VIP. Whilst there it is evident that clients are happy and well looked after, always being fed with lovely meals and regular cups of tea and cakes. Staff morale is high and they really do care. They deserve any awards that they have been nominated for.

Hilary Bennett, Podiatrist.

I would definitely recommend the VIP Day Centre, I was able to experience for myself through having my placement there how friendly, welcoming and supportive the staff are. How they are there throughout the day encouraging members to stay motivated and join in with all the activities such as board games, quizzes etc.

Miss D

Finding the VIP Centre has been, for both of us, a ‘life saver.’ always have a really warm welcome from very professional, caring staff. VIP to us is a very important place – a real refuge and respite for the carer. The service is essential.

Mrs L

They also have people that come in with all kinds of activities including exercise classes, dance groups, arts and crafts, music and also a local beautician. The centre is very welcoming and sociable, it offers a great day for the people that attend and allows them to also be able to socialise with new people and gain some good friends.

Miss D

I would like to thank the staff who are so understanding and helpful. Everyone is made welcome and the atmosphere is so warm for everyone when they walk in. I couldn’t ask for more, well done VIP.

Mrs C

My name is Paula Watts and I am the operations manager for valuing individual people.

I have worked for the company since we first opened on the 15th of January 2015 and it is the most rewarding job I have been lucky enough to have. My hours are 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and no on call.

I have worked on the community, in care homes and hospitals and although rewarding jobs my family life suffered due to 12hr shifts and on call duties.

It is a pleasure to work at V I P because everyone feels like one big family, both colleagues and our lovely club members.

You will never find a better care job anywhere in care, it is not institutionalised and all our members have personal care plans. Nothing is set in stone, activities take place all day around what members want to and can do. Tea, coffee, etc available all day as well as healthy cooked meals for the members.

I never go home miserable and I am always happy to go to work and do my job with pride knowing that our lovely members enjoy being here, this is how all care should be delivered.

Paula Watts - Operations Manager

My name is Rosie-Jayne Seal and I was employed by VIP Day Centre 3 years ago when I was just a student at college, doing my work experience. Since I started at VIP, I have become a team leader after finishing my level 3 health and social care qualification. I have now nearly completed my level 5 management qualification with the company.

Opportunities are always being provided for any training we would like to undertake, whether it is qualifications such as level 5 to enhance and develop our knowledge and to give everyone a chance progress in the company, or training such as level 4 first aid, level 4 food hygiene and level 4 health and safety which we have all completed here at VIP. Training usually takes place on a Saturday, but we are fully paid for our time and lunch is included. The pay is brilliant, for my age especially.

As soon as I joined VIP, I was welcomed with open arms and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I feel like over the 3 years I have been here, the VIP team have helped me to become much more confident in myself and am able to take a leading role which I could not have done beforehand.

Rosie-Jayne Seal

Working for VIP Day Centre has already been an amazing journey for me.

The CEO constantly inspires us to move forward and encourages us by investing in our future by funding qualifications such as Level 5 in leadership and management.

The staff are expected to work at a very high standard and our efforts are recognised by the senior management team. Some of the rewards for meeting those standards are invitations to black tie award ceremonies, Christmas parties and lunches.

Some of the smaller touches mean the most to us as staff, for example, being invited to participate in meetings as a team. The senior management recognise that we are the people that know our members best and regularly invite us to share ideas about how we can improve the service. Seeing our ideas implemented gives us huge incentives to continue working at this standard.

Feeling listened to and respected in the workplace really pushes a person to want to go above and beyond in their role and that is definitely how I feel about working for VIP Day Centre.

What is already a rewarding job in the care sector is made all the more special when it’s built on a foundation of trust that is instilled from above. I can’t imagine working anywhere else now!

Pip Thomas
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