Working for VIP Day Centre has already been an amazing journey for me.

The CEO constantly inspires us to move forward and encourages us by investing in our future by funding qualifications such as Level 5 in leadership and management.

The staff are expected to work at a very high standard and our efforts are recognised by the senior management team. Some of the rewards for meeting those standards are invitations to black tie award ceremonies, Christmas parties and lunches.

Some of the smaller touches mean the most to us as staff, for example, being invited to participate in meetings as a team. The senior management recognise that we are the people that know our members best and regularly invite us to share ideas about how we can improve the service. Seeing our ideas implemented gives us huge incentives to continue working at this standard.

Feeling listened to and respected in the workplace really pushes a person to want to go above and beyond in their role and that is definitely how I feel about working for VIP Day Centre.

What is already a rewarding job in the care sector is made all the more special when it’s built on a foundation of trust that is instilled from above. I can’t imagine working anywhere else now!

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