My name is Rosie-Jayne Seal and I was employed by VIP Day Centre 3 years ago when I was just a student at college, doing my work experience. Since I started at VIP, I have become a team leader after finishing my level 3 health and social care qualification. I have now nearly completed my level 5 management qualification with the company.

Opportunities are always being provided for any training we would like to undertake, whether it is qualifications such as level 5 to enhance and develop our knowledge and to give everyone a chance progress in the company, or training such as level 4 first aid, level 4 food hygiene and level 4 health and safety which we have all completed here at VIP. Training usually takes place on a Saturday, but we are fully paid for our time and lunch is included. The pay is brilliant, for my age especially.

As soon as I joined VIP, I was welcomed with open arms and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I feel like over the 3 years I have been here, the VIP team have helped me to become much more confident in myself and am able to take a leading role which I could not have done beforehand.

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