My name is Paula Watts and I am the operations manager for valuing individual people.

I have worked for the company since we first opened on the 15th of January 2015 and it is the most rewarding job I have been lucky enough to have. My hours are 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and no on call.

I have worked on the community, in care homes and hospitals and although rewarding jobs my family life suffered due to 12hr shifts and on call duties.

It is a pleasure to work at V I P because everyone feels like one big family, both colleagues and our lovely club members.

You will never find a better care job anywhere in care, it is not institutionalised and all our members have personal care plans. Nothing is set in stone, activities take place all day around what members want to and can do. Tea, coffee, etc available all day as well as healthy cooked meals for the members.

I never go home miserable and I am always happy to go to work and do my job with pride knowing that our lovely members enjoy being here, this is how all care should be delivered.

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